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Dock/ pond Rentals 2023

Dock/ pond Rentals 2023

A rental allows access to the pond, dock*, training field and our numerous wooded hiking trails on our excluded 54 acres. Prices below are for one Handler/Household  group rates available*.

Single visit     1/2 hour $25.00       1 Hour $35.00
Cost is per handler/household with 2 or less dogs.  Add $5.00 per dog over two.

5 Visit Pass / 10% Discount    1/2 Hour $ 112.00    1 Hour $157.00
10 Visit Pass /15% Discount   1/2 Hour $212.00   1 Hour $297.00
15 Visits Pass/20% Discount   1/2 Hour $300.00  1 Hour $420.00
Cost is per handler/household with two or less dogs.  More than two dogs, add $5.00 per visit per dog to the package price

*Must be an experienced dock diver for access to the Dock
*Group Rates – apply for private lessons or dock rentals scheduled with 4 or more handlers. Cost is determined by number of participants and dogs

To reserve the dock contact us at:
Preferred Method: email –
cell –  513-404-3453


  1. Christopher Howarth

    Can I pay for my dogs to come out and train, we had a pond at old property but recently moved and have been out of touch with it. We haven’t done it as tournament but more fun cause he loves it? Or do I have to pay y’all to do it?

    1. We do allow pond rentals without instruction. We only allow dock rentals for handlers and dogs that are experienced in dock diving. For information go to “training” on our website where you will find pricing and more information.

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